L&N RR Knoxville Division

L&N RR Knoxville Division


L&N RR Knoxville Depot – October 2011

L&N RR Knoxville Depot.

There has been a little work done around the L&N Depot at Knoxville in recent weeks. The Depot Building has been completed. The Platform has been installed, a second track added to allow splitting of long passenger trains and to allow freight cars to be delivered to the Depot.  The second track required the platform to be split so that the freight tracks serving Knoxville Cold Storage and Bruno’s Bakey were not impacted to serve the Depot. The Road bridge and road leading to the station is now in place and road traffic is already moving over the bridge. It won’t be long until “The Southland” stops at Knoxville Station for regular passenger services.

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